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Another great quote that is posted here by my desk!

It stirs me to action by times.  

I pondered it.

“One day she discovered that she was fierce” – I had never thought of myself this way but going through some hard growing-up years, even as a kid I had to grow up quick in so many areas!  

Life wasn’t always fair and yet I pressed on.

Not all teachers were ‘fair’ – but somehow that gave me the guts to put my shoulders back and say, ‘“ They won’t break me!”

Some call it stubbornness.

I call it tenacity!

Heck, parents aren’t always ‘fair’ for any number of reasons, but it’s what you do with what’s inside you!

You make a choice… you choose!

You have to be strong when you don’t feel strong, especially when you are thrown in the deep end and have to figure out how to swim!

This is often why we need people to come along side of us and encourage us, to hug us, to give us high five’s.

Then something, someone, some circumstance comes across your path.

You put your shoulders back and say, “Hey world!  I can do this.”

And so you did, and so you are!

I did it with my Flower Shop.                      Image result for sunflowers

I did it with other in-between jobs, and most likely you did too!

When you find that right thing, go after it with great passion, zeal & fire.

If we know where the center of God’s will is, then there’s no turning back!

He called us, we move.

Some of us have had children, and our task was to raise them to walk in an upright and honest manner.

They were to be a friend to the poor, the lonely, those in need.

We train them with this same passion and fire.

Was I scared? Good heaven’s, yes!

Do we sometimes feel like we failed?


But our inner knowing kept us trying.

Our passion to have our children turn out to be ‘productive members of society’ (as I always say), overrides our fears of not raising them right.

I know of no perfect parent.

There is no perfect person but our Lord.

Sure, we’ll make mistakes, and we may stumble along the way, but in the end, our passion kept us going.

I am so proud of my children and grandchildren.

They care about those in need, and they do something about it.

Next to my salvation, they are my greatest joy.                      Image result for joy

Did I feel like they should ‘take away my Mother’s Licence’ by times?

Yes!  I felt like a failure when things were totally upside down.

And I was, at that time, a Pastor’s wife!

Aren’t Pastors kids held to a different standard?

People sometimes said “no,” but actions said “yes.”

But they were just like anyone else’s kids I told them.

Like the plumbers, farmers, baker’s kids.

They were just kids.

But we are passionate as women.

So, let us discover that we can be ‘fierce and strong’ and let that fire within us ignite so that we will face those fears head on, holding on to the hand of God, and then run hard to the goal.

This is what I do!

I help people get to the goal, and it is exciting and it is great!

Let the fire burn, ladies!

Let me know if I can help.

I’m a dealer in hope, that’s why I’m a Life Coach.