Jon Acuff wrote the following:

I know how long it’s going to take you to lose weight.

I know how long it’s going to take for you to get in shape.

I know how long it’s going to take to change your eating habits.

I know how long it’s going to take to fit back into that pair of pants.

Want to know how long?  Are you sure?  Are you ready? 

Here’s the timeframe: Longer than you’d like.


I so hated to read those last words, and yet I knew they were coming.

I had read enough articles and books on weight loss and fitness to sink a small ship, and yet here I sit still overweight!

Oh, every morning I say, ‘This is the day!’, and I do well for a while and then tend to get blindsided!

Can any of you relate?

‘They’ say that there is better outcomes if you keep track of what you eat, and so I do.

I see I have quite a few potlucks, or eating out with friends, or ‘I must eat that before it goes bad,’ or any number of reasons.                                 Image result for healthy meal


It seems as if this one goal has gone on most of my semi-adult life.

I recall when 10 or 20 lbs was the goal… and now it’s way over that!

There seems to be a quote that says something like, ‘I wish I were as thin as I was when I first thought I was fat’ or something to that effect.

This road we are on seems so much slower than we want, and those magazines at the checkout don’t help one bit!

Our expectations are too high.

Too quick.

Too unreal.

So, what shall we [I] do about this?


Set another goal.                                                               Image result for weightloss scale

This is going to take time, and the timeframe will be longer, but it is doable.

We are in this together folks – men and women alike.

But girls, don’t you just hate that men can lose weight faster?

That just isn’t fair!

But there it is and good for them!

What sometimes sidetracks me is my perfectionism.

It’s good in some areas, but this isn’t one.

I have to put that aside and concentrate on the goal.

You, we, are not in this alone which we know by just looking around us.

I heard a quote years ago that I use in many different situations.

“We are all in this together…alone.”

This is to say that we can have a group to support us and cheer us on, use a Fitbit, mobilize a great app…. or whatever we are doing; but you are still the one… only you can make this happen.

I’m a chart maker, so I have this great chart with my new ‘Life Plan for 2017’ on it.  I never touched it last week, but today I am starting again.

I’ll send it to you for free, so you can change some of the goals to insert your words.

My gift to you!

My Neurologist said I had no choice [I told the whole story in one on my latest Video Messages] so I shall do this again.

I shall say, ‘Christine.  Get a grip.  Get back on the horse and don’t look back.  You are strong, smart and capable.  Make this happen!’

We all know that great goals take a while.

Here I, we, go again!

Let’s hold hands and do this together.

Take a second and let me know you are willing to try again, or you have been keeping on?

We shall encourage one another!

I do care, that is why I am a dealer in hope.

I am a Life Coach, and by the way, we Coaches struggle with the same things you do.

We support one another.

Let me support you.