I was pondering the idea of fun the other day only because I was having fun with friends.

As an adult, I stopped and asked myself what fun is seeing that it does seem to be a different thing then what I considered “fun” to be in the days of my youth

To me, who is ever so young, “fun” consists of laughing with folks I love.

It is sitting on the porch swing in the sun and reading a book and swinging my legs!

You see, I on attached my swing up high on purpose because tall folks don’t often get to swing their legs.  [That’s a factoid about us tall folks.]

Shorter-than-me folk need help to get up on it with me, because I love to be able to dangle my feet!

Fun is getting together with women friends and laughing at inside jokes.

I love company, so joy comes when there is an excellent conversation, food, and laughter!

Watching the sea, walking barefoot in the sand on a warm day, sitting in a dune; at these times, all seems right with the world.

And that’s just it!

We don’t laugh enough.

Oh, there are studies on how good it is for your mental health, and I would agree wholeheartedly.

As I reflected, I recalled the times of laughter through my life, and most of it was in the water.

Our family had picnics often, and we swam

All my summers were spent in different streams, ponds, holes, and pools! I am a fish and I love it!

I even recall the day I jumped into the ‘deep end’ at Richmondville swimming pool, which was 10’ deep.

I was 9 and had a swimsuit on that had a little skirt.

But jump I did… and I laughed with great joy and a sense of a huge accomplishment to boot!

There was the fun times playing games with my brother; there were only the two of us in my family.

He was an excellent athlete and taught me wrestling moves [they hurt] and football and how to catch and throw the pigskin.

He also taught me how to play baseball and the correct ways to throw, catch, pitch, and hit the ball!

These were fun and special times.

As a teen, fun was seen through the laughter and joy had with my youth groups and the antic’s we got into too!

I always took dares… always!

I was somewhat fearless like the time I stood on the toboggan as it went down a very long and steep hill, instead of being a bit safer, sitting and hugging the person in front of me!

Because I was dared to, I did!

I had a dear cousin, Jayne, who was like my sister.

Together, we had fun.

We would have more laughs through the years, even when she was dying of cancer, and I went to visit her.

There was a TV show on, and we laughed so hard we both slid off our chairs onto the floor!

Then we laughed harder just trying to get her up!

We shared one heart, and I loved her so!

I have fun with my children.

My children made me laugh with adventures and song!

They bring such joy to my heart to this day!

We often have great laughs over the phone as we share our days and the going’s on.

All this to say, no matter what age or place you are in: have fun –  strive to find laughter and joy in that moment.

Happiness can be fleeting but joy, well it’s so much broader.

I rejoice in God.  I smile at all He has done to make me what I am.

I laugh, and yes there are tears by times, but in the end, there is considerable joy at being in the ‘hollow of His hand.’

What I would like you to do is like this post, share it, and then write how you have fun – what brings you joy or makes you laugh – be specific!

I will enter your name in a draw.

The prize you ask?

It will be a gift certificate for $20 to Marco’s Restaurant on Main Street here in Milton.

Make sure you put your name, and I have your email to let you know you might have just won a great evening out with a friend…. and you can have fun with a beautiful laugh or two on me!

I’m a Life Coach.

I’m a dealer in hope.

If I can help you on your journey, and have fun and laugh just a bit more, will you let me know?