It’s a brand-new year.

I have been reading how my friends and acquaintances across the web have goals and dreams all lined up for 2018. There might even be a relationship to the people who have walked into my home lately who have on brand new Fitbits of all colors and shapes!

For me? For me, I am here with no other goal but to make it through the next ten minutes without screaming in pain!

“Why?” you ask. A week ago, I got a new knee.

Its need was most likely because I taught paddling and canoe instruction to children and teens for ten years (or because I’m getting younger every day!).

Either way, the point being that, as I write this is, I am in PAIN!!

I had knee replacement surgery last Wednesday.

I was in the hospital for three days, the first two of which I was sick from the medications. On the third day, a doctor told me: “If you can walk to the bathroom, you can go home.”

I walked with a walker, albeit six feet, but I didn’t feel I was ready to go home yet.

Alas, I got up, packed my bags, and was on my way.  

We had a very long three-hour drive through sleet and snow to get home.

I arrived late, but safely, in Yarmouth, in pain, and exhausted, so straight to bed I went!

A visiting nurse was supposedly in line to see me in the first days of my being home.  As it turned out my name was not ‘in the system,’ through no fault of theirs, but they finally arrived, three days later than I had anticipated!

When they arrived, I found out a little bit of bad news which explained why I was in so much pain.

Segway for just a moment:  If you know how my life often goes, things do not run smoothly. I am not in the ninety-fifth percentile, but end up being the exception to many rules – my recuperation from surgeries being one of them.

Alas, here we go, again!

It would seem that this incision on my knee isa bit infected which is causing me vast amounts of pain.

My “pain management” medications did not quite do the job!

I’m often at the other end of the phone waiting for some ‘professional’ person to get back to me with new instructions so that I will walk and leap once again!

Some things just take time, and this will be one of them.

This is a hard thing to deal with because I feel so miserable.

I hoped I would heal quickly. I want to get back to my clients and my normal life. I want to get back to a clear mind. I want to get back to giving away and helping people, not needing to be helped myself.

Any of us who have lived for any length of time know that there are points in our lives when we do have to sit down and let someone else take care of us.

The amazing people in my life are doing just that by taking care of my personal needs – shovelling my driveway, washing my clothes, feeding me, and helping with my work.

I am most grateful!

The people in my church have come together to make meals for me, while other dear souls brought homemade bread and jams!

I accept these gifts with a VERY full and thankful heart.

During the time when the pain isn’t a ten, I wanted to do many things.  I even took my computer to the hospital with me in hopes of being able to accomplish a few things, but the pain was too much!

I don’t know how to just stop my regular routine.

It’s very hard!

All I can do now is pray. Pray that the doctors will find medication that I won’t react too negatively, but will boost me on to better health and wellness. Pray that my infection goes away and I will have a quick recovery.

I want to start my new year off in a productive way! But I’ll have to wait.

I want only His best for me.

I pray, read Scripture, and ponder how blessed I am!

In the waiting, comes His Spirit.

I am listening.

“Heal on, knee,” I say to my body. “Get better, so I can get going!”

I shall let God take care of the rest.


Have you had to ‘sit on the sidelines’ for a bit?

How did you do, or what did God teach you in the midst of it all.

I would love to know.

Just leave a comment at the end of this.

I’m interested.

I care.

I am a Life Coach.

I am a dealer in hope!