I don’t consider myself a procrastinator, but when it comes to these blogs I tend to put them off!

What is there to say that the world hasn’t heard, or that it can’t find without a few clicks on the computer?

The thoughts that I have in my head asking what to say or what do folks want to hear, is in my mind each day.

I put it off until the last minute just looking for a topic that may be of interest.

Other things I get started quickly and get it done long before it’s due, but blogs, not so much!

So today is the day I write this week’s blog, and it will be about change.

I don’t mind change usually.

I have a dear friend, Peter Bloom, who ran a huge camp in Ontario – Ontario Pioneer Camp.

He said something significant once, and since then I have quoted it often: “If you don’t like change, try indifference.”

I am a flexible person, and as a whole, I roll with whatever is going on.

I don’t mind trying new things, meeting new folks, flipping something over and seeing if there’s a better way of doing it.

At Camp Peniel, I was willing to try a new method of leadership, trying a new recipe for the campers and staff, change schedules, well whatever.

Then I move from being an Executive Director into a full-time Life and Business Coach and more changes come!

It’s inevitable unless you live all by yourself in the middle of nowhere!

But here I am moving into an office under the umbrella of ‘Nova Wellness & Consulting Center’ in a new building.

First, I was here in my home using the home office and then moved last month around the corner to a Heritage Home with all manner of ambiance to be with the Wellness Group!

So I painted my office, cleaned the rug, moved my office furniture from camp, where I left it for lack of room, to this beautiful new place.

The deal fell through, and we had to move!

 Good heavens!

The very next day all six of us sat on the floor in an office space with a suite of rooms.

The first question on the table was, “Do we want to stay together?” and the answer was a unanimous “Yes!”

Then as we continued to talk we were trying to figure out how all six of us, three full-time and three growing their businesses, would fit in three offices [two facing the sea], another facing the great town of Yarmouth, a huge waiting room and one larger ‘closet’?

We all chose to share if we had to but the main lobby was vast, and after a bit of conversation we felt we should build a giant wall and make another office for one of the men and myself!       

And so, we are in the midst of building a wall with all the mess – saws, nail gun, measuring tapes chop saws, wallpaper, hammers, and nails while trying to see clients!

It is a bit crazy but “do it” we will, and by Monday we will have it done.

One side is a lovely waiting room, and the other is mine and my fellow counselor’s office!

The wall is Shiplap, and we have lots of light and we can see the sea over the houses!

It’s a good thing!

All is well, and God was near.

We couldn’t have done this ourselves but for the willingness of all six of us to change and see what exciting thing is just around the corner!

I would have missed out on so much if I hadn’t been flexible or open to options.

I am VERY excited!

Check out the “before and after” pics on my Facebook Page: cjlcoaching [Christine J Long Life Coach].

Now, what do you think?

Are you one to like change or do you stand your ground on what you know and are comfortable with?

Neither one is wholly right or wrong.

When was the last time a ‘big’ change came into your world and how did you manage it?

Just let me know.

I’m a dealer in hope.

 I’m a Life Coach!