Email me at to set up a time for a free 30-minute conversation!

If you are in Yarmouth Nova Scotia then we can meet at my office at 101 Water Street at the Nova Wellness Centre in the Pier One Building. If you are far away video conferencing via Skype or Zoom can be an excellent way to connect. 

There are pricing options

so let’s talk and I will work with you and your timeline.

Single Session



A great place to start
to change your life

5 Session Package



Five 50 minute sessions
each week/every other

8 Session Package



Eight 50 minute sessions
2 per month for 4 months
or weekly for 2 months

10 Session Package



Ten 50 minute sessions
You pick the times!

Working with you helped me determine my starting point, so that I could focus on where I want to go from there. I felt empowered to make choices for myself and became freer to love who I was made to be. I’ve been able to complete my first set of goals and now we are working on my 10-year goal. I would have never believed I would be this far along on my journey so quickly. It wouldn’t have been possible without your insight and guidance. Thank you for cheering me on! Trish