I’m a saver of quotes and inspirational thoughts.

As I was pondering this Blog I was looking through a file I have labeled, ‘Thoughts and Dreams’.

Now mind you not all info in it is a dream or even a hope, but it collects things I need to think about and then do something about.

Here you go on this one.

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Write down, in the journal you use when I Blog or do Video Messages, and answer these questions:

What is one thing you are most proud of and why?

I think I would have to answer that my two children turned out to be so amazing and are such a blessing to the lives they touch.  I taught them love and to love the ‘unlovely’.  They care for others and their families which makes my heart sing!  I am richly blessed and I know it.

I’m proud that I have taken a giant step and started another business now that I’m young again!  It’s working and I feel so full when I know I have helped someone ‘sort’ out their lives and put them on a track of success.

What is one thing I wish I made time for?

Oh, my dear, I could fill a page with this one.  I believe this answer is right in front of me and I hate to write it down.  It’s that I didn’t take time for ‘me’ through these years Yep.  I still struggle with this even now.  

As a young Mom, it was all about the kids, family, home and ministry.  Because I could I did.  Thus, I was so very busy coming, going, leading, working and loving.  It’s a hard thing to slow down and be still.  I am doing it now when I intentionally think and plan for it.  This is something that is often last on the list, and yet it’s the most important.  Ummm?  Why do we do this to ourselves.?  I’m slowly changing and my body is feeling it, and thanking me for it.  I think if it had a vocal voice it would scream at me to stop the madness by times!  But I am really working hard on this one!

What is one thing you are willing to let go?

Now this is a tricky one.  I do believe I would have to say trying so hard to be perfect and being kinder to myself.  I’m doing ‘mostly’ fine . in my new amazing business of Life Coaching.  I have put years of energy, time, training and much money in this and I know it will work!  I want to do it all just right/perfect right out of the gate!  [Truth be told when I start something new I want to do the hardest task first because then I will know I can do the easier things as they come along!]

The business is growing and my clients are doing great!  I know for a fact this is what I am called to do and it just ‘fits’ me!  All my years of caring and leading and making Executive decisions and hard work and learning.  Well, it’s here that they work.  But this thing called perfectionism will drag you down.  So, I stop.  Sometimes literally stop and revaluate myself or the situation. I’m quite certain I’m the only one on the planet with this Achilles Heel.  ☺  I will go into more detail in either a blog or video messages soon to give you some helpful hints on surviving this!  But being perfect – well that’s just unnecessary!

So, there you go!  

Now you try it and be honest.

If you don’t write it down, then ponder it.

Real conversations start in the comment section below.

Be brave and don’t lie to yourself when you answer.

Share a bit of what you answered and let us encourage one another on this journey we call life.

I’m a Life Coach.

I’m a dealer in Hope!