Get the most out of life

Achieve your personal, business & spiritual goals.

Hi, I’m Christine J. Long!

and I’m a certified Life Coach & Business Coach that will not only help you meet your goals, but keep them. I have the experience and the desire so you will not have to travel this road alone.

I’ve coached busy moms with never ending demands, business people trying to grow their ambitions and aspirations, others in crisis who could not find “which way is up” as well as those who just need someone to be accountable to as they set their path and strive to walk tall in it.

What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a Personal Change Expert. Coaches help people like you grow faster, perform at higher levels, understand themselves more deeply, and live with greater purpose and fulfillment. In the same way that a personal trainer helps a professional athlete maximize performance, a personal Coach can help you get the most out of life.

I can add some value to your questions and help you search for answers by asking some great questions that will have you thinking. I have walked beside all ages in their life’s journey, and I believe I can help you so that you will not have to go it alone.

A Life Coach Can …


Help you grow

further than you thought possible by providing insight and inspiring the motivation you may have been missing.

Help you see

your self-imposed limits and push you through them, enabling you to reach such all-important goals.


  • Leslee Owen
    “I would say about 6 months ago I was on a skype call with Christine. She was a video marketing client of mine and also fellow classmate during our life coaching certification. After our session was complete she asked me how I was doing (as all life coaches do ????) and I raved about how many hours I had found in my week to produce the business course I had been working on. You see I managed to squeeze out 15 hours extra each week by waking up earlier (4am) and going to bed later (11pm or so) to launch this product that would get me on the entrepreneur map. Fully expecting a round of applause from her, because everyone else I told gave me a standing ovation, she simply paused and said, “oh you dear soul, you are going to burnout.” I huffed and puffed my way through an explanation of my ridiculous hours and left the conversation perplexed. She was absolutely right, I experienced major burnout and her powerful question has led me into a rediscovery of who I was created to be in Christ. I thank God Christine had the courage to ask me the tough questions because so many can go through life without this type of mentorship… the type that changes you into a renewed person Christ desires and not a product of the world’s definition of success. I write all of this to say thank you to Christine and for you to seriously consider her coaching to take you to the next level. IT WORKS!!!
    Leslee Owen
  • Debbie
    Talking through some personal challenges with Christine helped get me back on the right path.  She's easy to talk to and has an awesome way of just letting you talk while guiding you to come to your own decisions.
  • Trish
    Working with you helped me determine my starting point, so that I could focus on where I want to go from there. I felt empowered to make choices for myself and became freer to love who I was made to be. I’ve been able to complete my first set of goals and now we are working on my 10-year goal. I would have never believed I would be this far along on my journey so quickly. It wouldn’t have been possible without your insight and guidance. Thank you for cheering me on!