The time is now!  It’s here!  Camp for 2016 has begun in full swing with Rental Groups & Retreats.  Of course it is, I knew this would happen and I’m semi-ready for it all.  Most Staff are in place and the ones that are here are working ever so hard.  Spring is a great time to bond with Spring Staff and have wonderful evenings together….. but….how can I juggle all what is the ‘normal’ with the ‘new’ Life Coaching Business I’m setting up & still taking a heavy course load?

Now I have a plethora of ways for time management, and I do pretty well at that, it’s the ‘life of interruptions’ I call it!  It’s all written down or, well I cheat a bit and have an Executive Secretary who reminds me of what’s next or who’s coming, etc.  Aren’t you jealous?   She’s mine for a few months of the year and I told her it was her job to ‘read my mind’ when she was hired…. and she does!  I love it!  But in saying that it’s the pile of other things that come at you that aren’t written down or in your head to do.

I recall as a young Mom of two I still sewed everything we put on our backs for the most part, looked after two wee ones, was a pastor’s wife and all that entailed, led every Women’s Missionary Group & PTA  – forever, and was always present when the church doors were open.  I was weary, but then I don’t recall many of us who are not!  We all have loads to do and if you are a leader, well many organizations or causes would love you to lead on!  But…. wait for it….we have to take care of ourselves!  Imagine that?  And you wonder how to do that, well it’s the little times, not the hours or days of peace all the time, but the 3-5 minutes here and there where you just stop and quiet your heart.

Yesterday was busy with a bunch of Senior’s out here for a Retreat.  We are changing the name to ‘Peppy People Over Forty’!  Doesn’t that sound more inviting?  Anyway, I ended up working until 10:00 at night on my course for papers due today after the day long retreat was over.  The neighbour had taken my computer for an upgrade and I was lost without it… funny that!  None-the-less, listened to the audio’s that were required for my course on my I Phone and ‘got-er-done’!  Now it is back to this morning, hence the blog today!  But, as I left last night I stopped on my office porch and listened.  The frogs were VERY loud, the loons of the lake were calling to one another, the other night sounds were in full force and I just stopped, simply stopped and listened.  No phones were ringing, no one ‘demanded’ my attention right now, no crying homesick campers, no Staff wanted to sit on my porch swing and talk about their world, it was just me and nature.  I loved it!!!  My soul was filled!  My heart was happy!  God was present.  It was just a few moments but enough to make me most grateful for the fleeting times of peace and stillness.  It’s a goal [one of many], but this is to practice. Practice what it means to let my heart be still.  God is there.

Can you do it, or should I ask will you do it?  I say it’s like carving out time.  Carving can be work if it’s a piece of wood.  I myself am a slow learner in these areas so I’m more like a stone!  If you are going to try, or if you did it let me know so I can celebrate with you.  What did you hear in the stillness?