Christine J. Long

5Hi there, my name is Christine!

I grew up in New York, no not the city but near the beautiful Adirondack Mountains in Schoharie Valley where rolling hills and beautiful landscapes were a major part of my life. Now I live in Canada and have been here for the last 40 years where living by the sea is home to me.

I am a Bible School Graduate with a major in Theology and have had many other professions. A few of these include a Mom, Hair Dresser, Camp Counselor, Teacher, Consultant, Business Owner, Singer & Choir Director, President of every PTA Group when my kids were growing up, Youth Leader, Ambulance Attendant, and for 25 years an Executive Director of a Christian Camp & Retreat Center.

Now I’m doing Life Coaching full time and loving it! I have been married and have two fantastic, successful children, a dog named Bella and a couple of grandsons who bring me great joy!

Now I am a Life Coach as well as Life Focus Coach!

“I help clients grow faster, perform at higher levels, understand themselves more deeply, and live with greater purpose and fulfillment


Phone: +1 (902) 740-0380
Office: 16A Summer Street
Yarmouth NS

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