You have probably had the experience of reading a book or a magazine and suddenly realized that you have no idea what you had just read!

Sometimes it may be because you are weary and worn or it was a boring article anyway!

But maybe there are times when this lapse might just be telling you something totally different.

Perhaps the next time when you sit down, take a break and stop.

Look up and notice where your mind wandered, and then allow yourself the freedom to see where your mind was heading and go there.

Is it on the ‘list’ you are making in your head so you won’t forget things?

Maybe it’s on the kids, your husband or another family member that needs you.

Just maybe it’s on something at work, school…. or even a song that has ‘stuck’ in your mind!

Take a minute to sort these things out and put them in some semblance of order.

Write it down.

Memorize it if that’s what needs to be done.

Acknowledge it and then relax into the book or article once again.

We get too caught up in so many things that when we do take those moments to just read, let yourself enjoy them or the story or insight.

You deserve it.  You’ve earned it.

Do it!  Breathe!

I can help.  That’s what I do as a Life Coach.  Help sort and differentiate what’s important. I needed help like this.  I was overwhelmed and she asked the questions that made the difference.  Life Coaching works!  Just ask 🙂