The title of this blog is from a song that women used to sing over and over at the Women’s Retreats at Camp Peniel where I was the Executive Director for almost 25 years.

They loved the song because it resonated with all of them no matter what your age or stage in life!

Blooming where you are planted is hard.  

Pure hard by times.  

We have to do what we can, where we are, with what we’ve got.  

You might see where I am heading.

Do what you can, with what you've got, where you are.

First it is “What We Can.”

Scripture tells us to “be content”.  

Now, that can be difficult at times too.

We must keep giving, living, and loving, because we can.  

We have what it takes to reach out, give a hug if needed, bake cookies, or whatever the need is in front of us because we can… and we should.

If you are able, we are called to take care of one another and ourselves.

Perhaps there is a time when you just can’t because you don’t have the resources, albeit with lack of funds or heart.

By days you may be overwhelmed with ‘to do’s, and there is no way to give away any more of oneself.  

That’s OKAY, you know.  

If you can’t, you can’t.  

As long as no one dies, you are pretty safe!


Then it’s “Where You Are.”

What place are you in right now?

Do you have children around your ankles, or teens [good heavens]?  

Maybe it’s work, and you just aren’t happy.  

Your feet hurt because you are on them all day, or you are doing mindless tasks, and you have so much more to give.  

You get where I am going.  

It’s wherever God has put you for now… don’t waste it.  

Love those wee ones, or crazy teens who are so amazing. I know I have one living with me and a 16-year-old grandson on the weekends this summer.  Isaac & Will serve at Camp Peniel all summer.  This is good for a Nana’s heart!

Make a difference where you are… that’s now, not someday when things change, but now!  


Perhaps the place will change one day, and that’s good, maybe, but for now, this is where you belong.

Rise and Shine

Don’t for a moment think that if you are in an abusive situation you shouldn’t get out of there. I’m talking in a great sweep of generalities.  

But we must make the best of where we are at this moment.  



The last part is “With What You’ve Got.”

Now, you might not have funds, but you can love, reach out, care, hug, smile, share a passage of Scripture that touches your heart ,or one that can bring comfort.  

It means that God has given most of us so much and we often don’t appreciate it.  

But it is not all ours.  

We are borrowing things for a season.  

Our children belong to Him.  

Our home, however small, big, run down or fluffed up… is all His, and we are meant to share what we have.  

Give yourself away.  

Change the world, however small yours may be, but change where you are with what you’ve got.

We have been commissioned to make do, make a difference, care, reach out to those around us.  

No need to put it off.  

You will be blessed and be a better person because of it.  

There just may be that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you helped change a life… or two!

I believe you can do it, and please tell me about it.  

How can you make a difference in the world you are in?

Someone or something needs your attention.  blooming

Find a way.  

Give away.

Go ahead…. do it!  

Bloom where you are planted!

Let me know because I care about what you are about to do and who you are.

That’s why I became a Life Coach, so that I could help bring out what’s already inside.

Go for it!

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