“…He leads me beside still waters”. Psalm 23:2b

It’s dismal outside.

But it’s my day off so I don’t care. We really needed the rain.  I had thought about going to the beach, but it’s OK not to. Supper with a precious friend tonight is something I’m looking forward to.

I am relaxed in spite of the camp world going on around me.  The bell still rings and the PA system still calls the campers to the next event, but it doesn’t affect me today.

There will always be people who need you all the time if you are a busy and involved person.  I read articles on what I deduce is “how to stop your world and get off.”

I try really hard, but in life it’s pure hard!  Sometimes I can make it happen and other times I simply fail miserably.

I keep trying and sometimes I manage it and bask in the stillness of my mind knowing there are staff in the summer who can take my place and filter calls and emails.

The rest of the year, not so much.

When there is only one you it’s different and so you reach out and grasp those moments that are fleeting.

Take, for instance, on Saturday.  Oh campers are gone, but there are still eight people who live here on weekends and some are enjoying video games or Youtube videos in the lodge…


I shushed them, but the peace doesn’t last long.

But they are happy and relaxed. There’s something to be said for that.  Two of those noisy people are my grandsons who work here in the summer. Imagine that!

You see I try to sit on my porch swing on my Saturdays off.

In my nightie and housecoat.

I spend quiet time with my Lord and myself (noise just doesn’t fit in).

I enjoy peace.  Peace is a good thing.  God speaks to me in the quiet of my intense soul in peaceful moments.

I find joy and inner happiness when I hold the hand of my grandchildren.  They are 15 & 10 now and I feel at some point they will feel they are too old to hold their Nana’s hand, but for this moment they are not. I soak it in… those fleeting seconds of time.

I take the time, as often as I can, to steal a moment and listen.  I mean really listen to God and not talk to Him, let Him talk to me.

Today is one of those days.  I’m listening and it is well with my soul.

This is a wonderful thing!  I move forward.  I don’t stop.  I won’t give up even if my mind is stubborn and still wants to organize the world instead of heeding the lesson of stillness.

I seek to live what I help others to find in my Life Coaching business.  I learn lessons along the way as I help others find their way.


Just for a minute.

It’s good for your soul.