Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help me?

This is where my life experiences and my Professional Coaching comes in. We start by looking at what actually matters to you in all aspects of your life with our “Wheel of Life” exercise then we systematically prioritize which ones matter the most, figure out ways to eliminate or delegate the rest!

How will I feel in this process?

My clients regularly tell me they feel a freedom they had not experienced before. A calming influence that comes from knowing what truly matters in their lives and understanding that it is all about the choices they make. After working through my program, they’ve developed skills to recognize which of their activities are truly important & which can go by the way.

Do I have to have a relationship with God for your services?

It’s no problem! We will just use great conversations to see where I can help you transform your life! If you are a Christian, then God will be a part of our discussions and observations.

Do I have to bring anything to sessions with you?

Just bring yourself and a journal!

Another Question?