I moved!  Just after Christmas a moving company came and took my earthly goods to my new home right in the middle of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I was VERY tired and VERY drained!

As I knew from every other move, “You don’t know how much stuff you have until you pack it!’

I did have stuff!

My cabin was small, but I did find many places to “tuck” things under the bed or way up high on a shelf.

I just finished unpacking the last box on Monday.

What a relief!

The move was finished, and the last shelf put up, and all my treasures were placed gently on it.

As I contemplated the move, I recalled all who came alongside to make it possible.

Then, I read this quote:

There are no medals for doing hard things alone. You were created for community, sweet friend. Let others help you.  Cindy Stille Bultema

In this thing called life, I try not to bother people with my problems or needs.

I try hard things and climb high places.

I drill, screw, plant, haul, heave, and shovel all by myself.

You see I have lived by myself for so many years and there were some necessary things I had to do when the time came to do them.

For some reason, I always feel that I don’t want to burden other people with my needs, and thus I try hard to make things happen, alone.

But in this move, I knew I had to “cave” and ask others if I could use their gifts and talents, and they came forth!

I became vulnerable to my church family and said I needed help at this time in my life.

I couldn’t make this move alone.

They stepped up and came, as I knew they would.

Some dear friends and former Staff came before hand to help pack, others to put things in other spaces so I could pack my home.

One young man came on moving day to lug, others came with food for both lunch and supper for those who helped, plus they took a couple of loads of small boxes to the new home.

A new neighbor came with a big plate of sweet bread and cheese.

Another came to the house and sorted out the kitchen cupboards so there would be room for my earthy dishes.

My family came for three days and moved a mountain of boxes and “put things to right.”

One dear lady helped me hang the family pictures, so it felt like home.

When the last one was put up, I saw my heart on that wall.

They stepped up and came, as I knew they would.

I did let others help, and it felt great.

Now I’m at the other end, and all things are in order.

God created me to live in community and that same community showed up and made it all right.

I must learn to be more vulnerable and ask for help when needed.

A big lesson learned.

What about you?

Are there “big” lessons to learn as you go along on this path called life?

Share them with me.

I care, I will pray and come alongside.

I’ve no doubt been where you are, or close to it and have learned a lesson or two that may help you on your journey.

Write them down and send them on.

This is a journey, and it is hard to walk alone.

I know.