Now last week I told you a bit about my life story with my son and his years with epilepsy.

I mentioned that I found the strength in my faith through the very long years of dealing with 100’s of seizures.

I read stories too often on Facebook of families going through enormous challenges because their child has cancer or some other disease or limitation – tubes, med’s, buzzers, IV’s and much more!

My heart aches for them because I can relate to hopelessness as well as hope things will get better at any minute, or even stop!

You see many of us are the same and we are stronger together.

This part of life did end, and this is the “rest of the story.”

He was on six different meds each day. This child was good at taking them, but sometimes he threw them up!  Then I had to “force” more meds back into him.

He needed them.  There was no choice.  This was hard, and we both were crying at times.

A trip to Halifax in January to the Paediatric Neurologist said it was time to try and reduce the medication.  I was all for it!

Slowly reduce each one until there was a seizure.  If there was, then give the full dose and start with one of the other five!

I did. Days, then months went by and by May all were reduced to nothing, and guess what?

No seizures!

I waited, holding my breath each day, just waiting for them to start again.

I took off that heavy while football helmet he wore for over two years, and he was still doing great!

Then it was May, and back to the doctor.  He did all the tests, and when asked what med’s he was on now, I said we were med free, and the good doctor just looked at me.

You see, this just doesn’t happen every day in his world.

But it did for us and it was a miracle.

The doctor said he was lucky and I told him there was no luck in this!

This was a result of people’s prayers and God’s mercy and grace to this little four-year-old boy.

There was only one more seizure after that visit and it was five months later.

It was his first day of school, and he was running up the driveway all excited to tell me about his day.

He fell.  A seizure incurred, and I sat on the ground holding this son of mine until it stopped.

I asked God if we were starting all over again?

Tears ran down my face. I felt as though I didn’t have the courage to go down that path all over again.

I held this pitiful child in my arms who the psychologist said would have memory retention problems because of 100’s of seizures after testing.

I hugged him so tight because I didn’t want to let him go and kept wondering if this was the path that lay ahead?

The “rest of the story” – this was the last seizure.  No more seizures (!!!) and no memory retention problems!

He became an ordinary little boy who had gone through a 2 1/2 year war.

I took a deep breath and didn’t ‘watch’ for signs of new episodes.  My son was going to be fine.

God chose to touch that brain of his and make it whole.  I always prayed for His will, not for healing unless this was what He wanted.

Strength?  Oh yes!

You see, you have it too.  Maybe you didn’t go through my kind of ‘war,’ but you have had one of your own.  There are scars to prove it.

You are here, reading this blog.  Perhaps you are in the midst of one or you made it to the other side.

The choices you made to hang on, sometimes by your fingernails has got you to this place.

Pain, heartache, hope, small miracles….. God is/was there.

Hang on.  Press on!  These are the words I repeated to myself over and over through these days.

Isaiah 41: 1- 3 gave me strength.  These precious words are meant for you too.

“But now this is what the Lord says – He who created you O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel:  Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.  When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.  When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned, the flames will not set you ablaze.  For I am the Lord, your God, the Holy One of Israel, Your Saviour;”

This is where your strength comes from in trials, tribulations and ‘wars.’

He holds you, and your child, your spouse, your friend in His hand.  There you find strength to press on.

My son doesn’t even remember those days.  They are gone from his mind.

Oh, the end of this story… this child is an amazing ER nurse today!!!

His brain is just fine, and he’s sharp and loving and kind to all.  He is a gentle man, a wonderful husband to a beautiful wife and a friend to all.

There is strength in the midst.

I know.  I lived it.

This same strength is yours… Hold on. Press on!