As a woman who isn’t 21 anymore, I have a few things to look back on.

Did I do enough for my family? For others? For the ministries I served in? Did I give my all; my very best?

Now is a time of contemplation after figuring out my new ‘Life Plan’ that I wrote about in another Blog.

There is a time which is ‘the right time’ to slow down just a tad.

Something inside of you says, ‘Now is the time.”

Stop doing things and start growing wiser, and perhaps just a bit ‘wilder.’

Do something you have never done before but have always wanted to!

There will always come that day, some how, some way.

We are still young enough to enjoy our days and laugh in the midst of it all.

It is time to stop the madness of comparing yourself to others and instead to start to enjoy life, an enjoyment that can only come from a life well lived.

Remind yourself – you have worked hard, loved hard, and given so much that it is time to do something fun!

You’ve bought the book, as it were, and got the t-shirt.

Maybe you have even taken on the burden of something you didn’t want to because you cared or because it was handed to you.

Well, it’s time!!!!joy

It is time to really feel the joy of what is around you.  

The wind in your face, the oceans mist, the sun.

Fill yourself with discovery and laughter.

Stop worrying about what others think and only concern yourself with what God says.

Be a kid again!

Laugh, lay in the sun, on a beach, in your lawn chair.

Relax and let God speak and work.

You may just experience a joy you never dreamed possible.

Write the ending, or the very beginning, of a new story which only you can write.

Talk to me about it at the end of this blog.

What are you thinking or feeling about this?

I care.

I’m a dealer in hope.

I’m a Life Coach.