IMG_1271.JPGI did it!

Third level in Life Coaching!

I was certified in January of this year, but as always, I want to be the best I can be in every area.  So now there are two certificates sitting on the valance over my side window (the last one is still coming in the mail).  Showing off my certificates is not something I have ever done before.  Other accomplishments with diplomas or certificates sit in a file in my office, but never out for people to see.

But I always think “Well, anyone can do this.”

Other thoughts are, “just because I did it doesn’t make it wild and wonderful.”

I had a coach tell me one time when I received a plaque for my years of service in camping, to set it out for everyone to see. I sort of did, but it’s not really noticeable.  But these new certificates are set up high in my office and I see them when I look around.

How did I get to this point?

It has been a lifetime of low self-esteem, helped along by a third grade teacher telling me how stupid I was for an entire year. Most of the time no one even knows that I have self-defeating thoughts running through my head now and then. I manage these thoughts even with my brain running a bit amuck last fall after my stroke. Trying to run this ship called camp, while forcing myself to ‘rest’ a bit this winter, has been difficult.

Then the third level of study in the midst of summer camp…

Late nights and lots of phone calls…

Clients coming and going along with children running about outside my office…

Good times!

I celebrated last Wednesday night with a camp wide party!  Everyone had to dress up in some manner of wild costume.  Our Program House was emptied with staff and campers alike wearing all manner of getups.  The Cooks worked overtime with a great feast for all on the picnic table outside my cabin.  Precious friends went all out with balloons and lots of flowers! A card signed by all, laughter all around, ending with a beautiful cake and singing ‘Happy Graduation’.  My heart was so full of joy being surrounded by those I love.  My two grandsons are working here this summer so I got to share this time with them.  The oldest is in the picture above with me eating a giant candy from his secret pal.

It’s about accomplishment – it’s hard work.

It’s about love and being surrounded by those who are a major part of your life encouraging you on.

It’s about joy in little things that are big things in my heart.

I’ve worked long and hard for this and I almost cried when my Trainer said I did just fine on my hour long oral test! So it’s onward and upward I go. I’m a Life Coach and it’s GREAT!  I am a dealer in hope and that is so encouraging to me and those I work with.  I’m glad I did it.  I’ve used Life Coaches in the past and I have one now.  Someone to help me see things that I may not see, or clarify things that I just can’t make out.  Using powerful questions to get to my goals.

Accountability, it’s hard but it works!

I’m off!  I shall enjoy this latest venture.  All the things that life has taught me will come into play.  My Trainer said that I was a storyteller!  I guess life does that to you when you have lived through a few wars and such.  The God I love, who is my very breath will be my guide.  You see, I can’t lose.

Onward and upward folks.  Come along and enjoy this with me.  You will love the results!