I am on holidays in the states.

First in West Virginia with my son and his dear wife, and now in New York with my family.

You see I was born and brought up here in NY and moved to Canada in 1970.

I am now a Canadian Citizen but am also an American.

My family is all over, and none near me… sort of….

You see my blood relatives are not near where I live, but ‘family’ who have become dear, are precious friends; and they are all around me.

Because moving was a part of my adult life I ‘nested’ wherever the ministry was.

I found new ‘family’ wherever I lived.

Since this is American Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday, thankful is a word being spread around more than usual.

I wanted to be here for this day, as it’s as big as Christmas around here!

My heart is very full.

Now not all families are great fun, and to be honest not all in my family are perfect, but most all are that wonderful, and I am very grateful for that.

I’m quite certain some of you can relate on all kinds of levels!

What do you do with those ‘Porcupine People’ you may ask?

Ask for grace and love, sometimes more than less!

It’s what you choose.

I choose to love in spite of remarks made.

I choose to shut my mouth even when I want to say something!

Strive to see another’s heart, if you can.

Ask God to see them as He does, and know it’s not my ‘job’ to change them, that’s His.

Reading in the Psalms this morning: “Oh God of heavens armies….”

It’s sticking in my heart.He is all that and more!

He alone moves hearts and lives.

So as I sit around our Thanksgiving table tomorrow with my loud, wonderful, exciting family I will thank the “God of heaven’s armies” for each one, despite those porcupine quills!