Here I am at 64 [ going on 21] and starting something new!  Being a learner is one of my strengths.  I want to know how things work, how people function, the answers to the ‘why’ in my head.  I have learned so much in my life so far, but never ever enough it seems.  Tell me more, search out more details as to how this happened or why things are happening this way?

I thought about taking more theology courses but did that for three years in the day and have a diploma somewhere in my files to show for it.  Why would I choose another profession on top of my being an Executive Director of a Christian Camp and Retreat Center?  I found something I could be passionate about, and it’s goal is to help others… this was exactly what I was looking for, and thus chose to take courses to become a Certified Life Coach last fall.  Now I am!  Who would have thought?  But in making the decision I only had funds saved for my funeral, someday.  I didn’t want to leave my adult children with a debt at the end of my life.  I consulted them and they both told me to use the funds and go for it!  My daughter even said it was about time to get paid for something I’ve been doing all my life anyway, so I did, and here I am!

Now nine months later I continue to take other courses in that same field so that I can be the best I can be at what I do!  I finish in August. I have started a business.  Good heavens who would have thought?  But alas, here I am with a head and a heart full of great things to share and encourage others on.

I wasn’t scared to take this step, and I thought I might be.  When I opened my flower & gift shop years ago, as I say ‘In another life”, I stayed awake all one night. after borrowing $5000 for start up costs, and wondered if I was in my right mind?  In the end all after working really hard, it was just fine and a success for the eight years I had it.  Then I wore myself right out and had to stop.  I do every so many years.  I must stop, take a tally, figure out what I need ‘More’, or ‘Less’ of and change my behaviour.  Oh, it’s a constant battle by times as I want to take one more just because I can.  But now I am learning to say the word ‘No’ – out loud even!!  I guess I can change!  Work with your strengths, that part helps a lot & I get it.

Just some beginning thoughts as I start this journey.  Come along!  Hang on and enjoy the ride!  🙂