I am a woman on a journey.  September to me is like January 1 to other folks.

This September feels new and entirely different than others. It is because I am starting in a different place, one that is allowing me to chart my course for one of the few times in my life.  I am slowing down… just a bit.  Now that the Summer camps are over,  the Fall brings rental groups, and I run those with the help of fantastic staff.

But now is a time of reflection, and I have taken the time to do just that. It’s not something I do that often because of time constraints, but this I did with a purpose and these last few days have felt so wonderful.

I’ve done ‘yoga’ stretching exercises on the lawn in the sun each day and have spent much time in the Word, reading and sitting in a lawn chair looking up at the incredible sky the night before last. The Milky Way was… well, there are no words to say how awestruck I was by the millions of stars!  My heart relaxed, and I took a breath.  I could sense the presence of my God in such a tangible way.  He was so real to me.

 I didn’t want to move… ever.

It was one of those moments when you want time to stop!

I am paving my path to the next level of my life where I am a full-time Life Coach.

I have idea’s that are flooding my mind and I have to choose: “Which one is going to be the first?”

Are you like me?

I listened to a meditation the other day, and one of the key questions was, “Where do you want to see your life in a year from now?” And, of course, this raised more questions: “What will you look like? What will you be doing? What does it all say about you?”

All this has made me stop and write my thoughts down.  I envisioned myself walking towards me.

I was healthier because I had worked really hard at losing weight.

My mind was clearer because my course was set and my business was successful.

I had days ‘off’ that really meant just that.

But most of all I was quieter in my soul and not wanting to ‘fix’ everything.

So the bottom line is I have to do something to change what is to what can be. Now I’ve set my course, and I am on it.

Mind you, I wanted to change 20 different things but wisely chose to concentrate on just three and give all my time and energy to them and do them well.

  1. I am trying to eat healthier and move my body more – every day – and also be kind to myself in the meantime.
  1. Work at making this business fly!!! Who doesn’t need someone to help them sort and get on the right path?
  1. Be still more. Concentrate on Him and me so that when I am quiet God can talk louder!


So there you have my goals. What about yours, or are you going to give up before you even begin? Don’t wimp out on yourself. Do just one if that’s all you can do.

What will you look like in a year as you see your new self walking towards you?

Drop me a note. Let me know. I care. This is what I do. I’m a Life Coach!

I’ve got BRAND NEW EVENT that is coming out very soon, and I’ll post it on here. Watch for it, you may just want to join ‘Excellence On Fire’!