It’s a few days after this designated day set apart to recognize the strength and accomplishments of women who have gone before us and who are standing in our midst.

As a woman who has lived just a few years, I think about how life has changed since I was young.

There seemed to be gender roles but growing up I recall I worked as hard as my brother.

We both shoveled snow on a very long driveway storm after storm, we both helped get in the hay, working on a weather dead line, while working on a farm.

We picked weeks at a local farm for 50 cents an hour.

Dishes were washed as well as both of us did many housekeeping chores.


As a teen, I took the Hunter’s Safety Course.

Now my Dad raised beagles and always ‘ran rabbits’ which is another way of saying he was an avid hunter.

I wanted to be with him so took the course.

I must admit I was the only 14-year old girl with a bunch of guys, so that wasn’t done in the day!

Girls didn’t hunt, but hunt I did!

Now mind you, I don’t believe I ever shot a thing since that would be pitiful for the animals, but I was in the woods and with my Dad.

I must admit I was the only 14-year old girl with a bunch of guys, so that wasn’t done in the day! i

My cousin and I wanted to take Wood Shop in High School, and we were told very clearly that we weren’t allowed since my hair was too long!

The argument I gave was some of the guys in there had longer hair than me, but that still didn’t cut it with the teacher!

It was the 60’s you know! So the line was drawn, and I didn’t like it at all!

Now mind you, I’m all girl and love the fu-fu of lace and pink fluff, but I wanted to be equal to guys in different ways.

IMG_3537My brother was a wrestler, and an excellent one when he was in high school and college.

He would come home and put me in more ‘new’ holds he learned.

So, we wrestled. I was very fit, but alas I never won, and he was bigger and much stronger.

I begged for mercy in some of those holds he had on me. Good times!

But graduation came, and women had ‘roles.’

You were a nurse, secretary, waitress, teacher or got married!

It was right and was very normal for many of my classmates to marry right after graduation.

I didn’t like to be squashed in a mold, so I went to Bible College in Canada, all the way from New York state.

The first in my high school to ever do that!

Now there was a place where ‘men were men,’ and the women had specific roles.

I peeled vegetables, waited on tables, ironed the guy’s shirts [not much permanent press then], which were between 70 & 80 shirts a week, cleaned bathrooms and washed windows.

Yes, I still iron, surprisenly! 10345753_193403661034103_1182087177320568008_n

I was there for three years, and everyone did some tasks which helped to keep tuition down.

Now mind you it was a very strict place and I ‘kicked against those rules’ many, many times.

I’m a common-sense sort of girl, and if rules didn’t make sense, well let’s just say I minded them.

I knew all about them and signed up for three years.

Yes, I got an excellent Bible School education but my, those rules!

I was even called in the Dean of Women’s office the day I graduated over some infraction! But I have the diploma somewhere saying I did it!

In marriage we shared responsibilities, and I helped with the wood for the furnaces, and he helped with the dishes.

But as a Pastor’s Wife there was a mold one had to attain too.

I had three books to tell me so… and I tried hard.

I wanted to be perfect!

It was ‘expected,’ and it was a goal to attain to. I simply ended up being very lonely.

I’ll finish up this one and call it ‘Part 1’ and do another blog for you from that point on.

But in saying all this, the thought is you can do most anything you want ‘if’ you really, really want it!

You must have desire and drive.

It may not happen today, and you might have to build up to it, but don’t squelch the desire.

Use it to motivate you forward!

I did.

Now I’m a determined soul with passion.

Going after hopes and dreams is a good thing.

Yes, we are strong, and yes, we are able, but it takes determination and plain old hard work!

We are women who are taking on the challenges set before us. I did it… there is hope! I

I’m a great believer in hope.

Talk to me.