Tis the season!

Now, there is a snowstorm happening, and I have front row seats since I have a big window right over my desk.

I shall be with family at Christmas, which is an excellent thing!

But, I am thinking ahead and looking at the new year which will involve a significant move from my residence of fifteen years, and yes, there is a lot of work to this!

I have so many plans, hopes and maybe a small dream or two for 2017.

What about you?

Now this ‘New Year’s Resolution’ thing is not for me!

I don’t make them because I don’t keep them, or at least not for very long.

My greatest weaknesses are also my biggest strengths which can be frustrating.

I tell my Staff that all the time.

For example, I’m quite a tidy person and like everything to be organized and in order.

Those who have lived with, or worked for me, know this is so very true, but it can drive other folks nuts!

The standards are high here in this business of camping I run.

It’s a business.

It has to be!

I’m finishing up here at Camp Peniel to do this Life Coaching full time.

A great change, but challenging.

What I’m trying to say is that sometimes my focus is in the details that others may not see, and may never see!

I must give leeway, space and step back a bit and try to see things through their eyes.

Things like: Weakness – Stubbornness

Positive spin – Determination

Strength: Feeling stubborn reveals to me what it is worth letting go of and       what I should hold on to.

So, I’m all in this now, not January 1, I must take my determination and change some bad habits.

Why wait for another three weeks?

If I know it to be true, I should do it now!

No excuses! 

Make a graphic and hang those words on your fridge!

I will not ‘try’, but do.

Use those ‘flip-side’ things in your life for the positive.

Take that notebook you have and write it down, figure it out, see what it will look like from ‘the other side.’

Watch for my insightful, fun workshops in January and let’s do this together!

You don’t have to be alone; I’m here!

Enjoy your holidays, soak up the moments and make a memory.

Merry Christmas and may our reason for rejoicing be ever so real this Christmas.

God in us. Hallelujah!