Walt Disney said, “If you don’t have a dream, how are you going to make a dream come true?”

A piece of my Level 2 Lifeforming Course had a section called ‘Dream-busters’ in it.   My Coach Trainer asked me what my dreams were?  I told her I really don’t have any.   She was a bit surprised but I replied I really don’t!  So she wondered if I was a bit pragmatic, and I guess I am.  Oh at one time, when I owned my flower shop, I thought I might like to see the Rose Parade to see how all the floats were made, but if I never got to that’s all right!  Then I watched the movie, “Bucket List” and wondered if I should make a list of things I would like to do before I head on to glory?  But I really couldn’t think of any hopes or dreams!  Oh to see the Grand Canyon would be nice, but if I don’t…. well I don’t and I won’t give it a second thought!

As she asked some good questions I told her maybe to sit in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere with a room full of books I haven’t read before might be quite lovely.  But in the end I really won’t mind if this doesn’t happen!  I’m going white water rafting after camp is over with some staff and a friend.  I’ve always thought this would be great FUN … but if I didn’t, well it wouldn’t really matter!  Paris in the Spring, endless days on the beach five minutes from here, unending, undisturbed time to quilt or do a craft I’m keen on; well, all would be wonderful but I don’t long for them.  I live in the moment it seems!  Like now the sun is finally out and there are children all over the campground and my heart is happy!  I’m fulfilled in the ‘little-big’ things of my life.  Pouring into all ages here brings me great joy but I never aspired to be a Camp Director, God just worked it out.  I always loved flowers and still do, but never set up a strategic plan to one day own a Flower Shoppe – but I did!  I’ve done quite a few things because I have the talent or gifting from God.  Somewhere jobs and other occupations happened, or came to be, because I was needed.  Now my least favourite of these was pulling weeds for fifty-cents an hour when I was a kid for a local farmer with some of my friends!!!!  Those were hot long days.  Bagging carrots in the carrot barn was easier but equally as boring.  I knew at a young age factory line work was not for me!

It’s people that I enjoy that’s why most of what I have done successfully has to do with said people.  Four out of five of my top strengths have to do with humans.  I simply like interaction.  I enjoy living in community with camp folk.  Now mind you there are times when peace, stillness and quietness is what I crave and hard to come by in the summers.  All this to say that there has to be a gold ring on this merry-go-round called life that we try to grab at some point.  If we don’t reach, we’ll never get it.  Once I put my mind to something I could do it with a lot of time and effort but standing still, well that just wasn’t an option unless it’s to pray for guidance.

What is your dream, your gold ring?  What’s stopping you or is it a who?  I have a whole program designed to help you figure it out.  I can help you ‘sort’.

I’m a Life Coach.  It’s who I am.  It’s what I do!  Remember you get your first hour FREE!  No catches 🙂