Is your life in the midst of change?

Are things seemingly whirling out of your control?

I will share just a bit of my life in the last few months and see if you can relate to any of them.

Number 1 – My life changed after finishing up almost 25 years in Christian Camping Ministry.

Number 2 – I have moved from a three-room cabin by a quiet lake into a new beautiful large Heritage Home of a dear friend in the middle of Yarmouth.

Did I say I now officially ‘hate’ moving?

That was a lot of work and then some!

New places, new people, new surroundings, new adjustments, new jobs!

Number 3 – Part of the plan in this move is I am taking care of Will, who is a joy, but needs someone in his life to help him along. Will

I have been by myself for the last 16 years!

No ‘children’ only campers and grandsons, all who go home at weeks end!

Number 4 – I started my Life Coaching business and all that it entails, which is a lot!!!

I am learning so much about Social Media Marketing.

Just a few of the many changes from just the last six months, and yet I am just fine.

My point? Things change. And things change FAST if you let them…

Now I want you to imagine what your life will look like:

3 months from now…

9 months from now…

2 years from now…

4 years from now…

Placeholder ImageHow are you going to deal with all that change?

The unexpected….new events…. new people.

Can you picture yourself?

Are you grounded, centered, do you know who’s really in charge?

That’s what gave me hope, courage, and a passion for continuing making a difference in spite of the changes in my life.

You give yourself away….the focus isn’t on me.

Certainly, there are times when one must take care of yourself, and that’s hugely important!

But the other times, find a need and fill it.  

Be brave and expect change and strive to ‘roll with it!’

Don’t be blindsided.


Be bendable.

Look for the good & be a gracious person.

Something, somewhere new?


It’s a new beginning…. ponder the joy that can be discovered.


It’s not always a bad thing.

Tell me about a change in your life and how you handled it.

I care.

I want to hear your story.

It’s important.

That’s why I’m a Life Coach.