Workshops Available

Design / Desire / Dream / Destiny

This fun Workshop will show you what God’s design for each of us is.  In this Workshop, you learn about struggles, Spiritual Gifts and your Strengths.  You ask yourself questions to find out what your Life Purpose is.

As we talk about Desire we look back on your life and see if there was a time when you were doing a task, or at a certain place in your life and you say to yourself, ‘This is what I was made to do!’  You felt you were ‘firing on all cylinders!’

Then on to Dreaming. This is the fun part that you get to answer the question, ‘If money and brains were not an object, what would I do?’

We finish up with Destiny with a very energizing discovery!  You will focus your time on what really matters.

This is one you wouldn’t want to miss and a great place to start.

Real Talk

This is a couple of hours of talking about the quality of our conversations. In a world full of technology, we don’t seem to connect authentically much of the time.

The quality of your conversations is a barometer of the quality of your relationships.

My goal in this workshop is to help you deepen your relationships with your family, friends and the folks you work beside. We are making understanding our goal as we value the speaker and taking the attitude of a learner as you break down barriers, both internal and external.

It’s always insightful and fun!

Prioritize Your Life

Here we talk about Self Care and prioritizing all the things in your life. Rather than add to your ‘to do’ list we work on finding a way to make new choices. We write down things that bring us joy and use a method called ‘Do. Ditch. Delegate’

It’s about our system of self-care and how to find a way to spend less time doing things that add stress or take away from us looking after ourselves.

Then if you run a business we talk a bit about that and the power and motivation needed to make that a success.

Cornerstones of Teamwork
This workshop consists of ‘7 Stones’ of Teamwork. This is an interactive time of fun, as well as learning how to work together in a professional environment towards the common goal of teamwork excellence! Staff would learn how to creatively see these ‘7 Stones’ will work in any setting.
Guest Service
With almost a lifetime of serving others this time together offers insights into being a company that customers remember because the Staff were ‘that good’ with their customers!  From answering the phone and fixing complaints to the last goodbye I will lead you through a great way to never be forgotten!
Spiritual Gifts. Do I Have Any?

Now this is one many are wondering about. Do I have any Spiritual Gifts at all? I will walk your people through a ‘test’ and then discuss the results so they can see how they can use these God given gifts for His glory while they serve in the church as well as in life.

Personality Personified

This is a question form that will be filled out helping you discover what your personality traits are and they work in your everyday life. These will show you how you are wired, both positively and negatively. I will walk with you through the conclusions and see how they work themselves out in your personal life.

Bring a Journal!

A journal is the best way to reflect along your journey.