My mother used a phrase in the day, “You are a Worry Wort”.

I don’t believe I’ve heard that in a long time but some thoughts came to mind as I read it.

I have a dear friend who I say can worry for me as I’m not a worrier… really!

You see I have directed this camp, and more, for the last 24 years and there could have been 100’s of things to ‘worry’ about like no funds, things not getting done one time, finding the staff needed for the tasks…etc.

But I just work away and somehow, someway it does come together.

I simply have to do my part.

So here are just a few things to ponder today:

  •                 Will worrying help this situation?
  •                 Will it make a positive difference?
  •                 Will it make things worse in the meantime?
  •                 Can I do anything about this?

Yes – then go do it!   Good heavens!

No – then why am I worrying?

This one is my favorite and I have thought on this in the midst of a ‘now it’s time to worry’

  •                What is the worst that can happen?
  •                Can I handle that?

You see Scripture tells us in Matthew 6: “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?”

Stop it! 

Give it up and go do something to stop your mind from going there.

Work at it.  It’s hard…very hard to make your brain stop going ‘there.’

Turn your ‘worry energy’ into something positive.

Go give yourself away and let God take care of this one!

That’s exactly what He does… I know…. I’ve seen miracles over and over again.  Here at camp and in my life!

This is what I do as a Life Coach, help people see the positive side, or help them to accept reality.

It’s work, but you must work the plan.

Also, move your body….just a bit, or a lot!

That helps clear your head.

Just saying!

God knows… He has this covered my friend.